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Clients of oberhumer.com

Due to the delicate nature of our technology - data compression is usually wired deeply into some core system - we generally have to sign very strict Non Disclosure Agreements which most of the times do not allow us to mention any detail of a partnership.

Still, here is a very incomplete list:
  • NASA
  • World leading aircraft manufacturers
  • World leading car manufacturers
  • World leading database manufacturers
  • World leading mobile telephone manufacturers
  • World leading operating system manufacturers
  • Best selling games for PC and consoles
  • ...

Basically, if you do have a car, a mobile telephone, a computer, a console, or have been to hospital recently, there's a good chance that you have been in contact with our embedded data compression technology.


Space-Grade Technology

NASA Mars Rover Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech

oberhumer.com has designed and implemented one of the on-board lossless data compressors of the NASA Mars 2020 Rover, better known under the name Perseverance.