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LZO Professional data compression

LZO Professional data compression library benchmark showcase

LZO Professional

LZO Professional is the name of our commercial license program of the OpenSource LZO data compression library for those who do not want to comply with the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).

LZO Professional grants a license to commercially use and distribute the LZO library.

LZO Professional Plus

LZO Professional Plus is an optimized LZO version, available for licensing at an extra fee. It requires a commercial LZO Professional license.

LZO Professional Plus optimizes the LZO library by adding new additional implementations of various LZO compression and decompression functions:

  • the compression levels for generating pre-compressed data achieve an improved compression ratio, thereby also improving decompression speed
  • the decompressors - although blindingly fast right now - are still significantly faster
  • the fast compression algorithms are much faster as well

LZO Professional Plus will be made available to interested parties as a binary-only evaluation library under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).