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NRV generic data compression library

Not Really Vanished, the next-generation data compression library, is the flagship of our embedded data compression technology for small devices.

NRV introduces the paradigm of generic programming into the world of data compression. It does this by orthogonally decoupling concepts like memory, models, filters, coders, algorithms and implementations. Furthermore all details can be fine-tuned by using so-called policy classes.

NRV is written in C++ and consists of a huge number of template classes. For systems which lack a recent C++ compiler (like some embedded systems) it can get translated into ANSI C by a special compiler frontend.

If you are unfamiliar with this concept, you can view the generic decomposition as an extremely powerful preprocessor which preserves type safety and value semantics.

The latest version is still build 1.183, which runs very stable for quite some time. On the development side our focus has shifted to the LZO Professional technology since.